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Three reasons why Premier is the place to be.

All members can see a Premier Program provider, at no extra cost. VSP network doctors who participate in the Premier Program provide the personalized attention you want and the ease you need. 

Get bonus offers that you just won’t find anywhere else, plus you’ll get extra savings and rebate offers throughout the year.

We get it, things happen. A Premier Program location will replace any damaged or broken featured frame, free of charge!

VSP members are more satisfied and more likely to recommend their Premier Program eye doctor to family and friends. Find your eye doctor today!

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An exclusive rebate available at Premier Program locations**

Getting the most out of your vision benefits has never been easier.

It's easy to get the perfect pair of glasses when you visit an in-network doctor.


Get an extra $40 to spend on select frame brands*

Save on lens enhancements like progressive lenses, anti-reflective coatings, and light-reactive lenses+

Save up to $250 on an annual supply of contact lenses‡

Find a wide selection of designer frames, plus more at a Premier Program location.